TikTok Coaching—

Boost Sales & Reach Millions of Potential Customers


So — um…

WHAT even is TikTok Coaching?

TikTok isn’t just for kids — it’s for businesses JUST like yours too! Simply spending an hour a day creating TikToks with me is all it takes to boost sales & reach millions. I’ll be there every step of the way… Helping you pick topics, film videos, edit videos, and everything else involved with marketing your business on TikTok.

What is TikTok Coaching?

Here’s how my client got:

  • 8.5 Million+ views
  • 335k+ followers
  • In Just 28 days

TikTok Coaching can help you—

Boost sales & make more money 🤑

Explode your sales simply by spending an hour a day creating TikToks with me. By creating educational and entertaining content aimed at your target market — you’ll have a steady stream of customers in LOVE with you and your business.

Reach millions of potential customers

I get it — it sounds too good to be true. There has to be a catch right? Well, there isn’t. See that picture right there? That’s one of my clients. In the last 28 days, they got 8.5 million+ views from potential customers! Imagine if you had 60 seconds in front of 8.5 million+ of your potential customers. Would that help business?

8.5 Million views

Become an industry thought leader

You’re REALLY good at what you do… But you already know that. So why not share your expertise and personality with the rest of the world? So you get the recognition you DESERVE. Not to mention the extra money 🤑😆

Industry Leader

Better understand TikTok and its trends

TikTok is confusing as shit — if you’re not on it 24/7... Luckily, THAT’S MY JOB! 😂 I’ll help you understand the ins and outs of TikTok. So you can reach millions of potential customers and boost sales. Because seriously, who doesn’t want more money???

TikTok Trends

What you can expect:

1-on-1 coaching calls to create TikToks

For 1 hour every weekday — you can boost sales and get in front of millions of potential customers. I’ll help you create high-performing videos, leverage current trends, better understand TikTok, appeal to your target market, and more... And I’ll be there every step of the way.

Christian Waving to a Coaching Client

A solid content strategy to boost sales

Creating content without a strategy is a recipe for disaster. I’ll work with you to create a solid content strategy — helping you pick the topics, the type of content, the formats, the hashtags, your goals, and more... So you have a clear and concrete plan to boost sales.

Content Strategy Preview

Content reviews to maximize success

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again — expecting a different result. I’ll consistently help you analyze and review your content. So we can spot patterns, and figure out what’s working, what’s not — and what needs to change to maximize success.

Spreadsheet with Clients Analytics

Common TikTok myths:

—“MY customers aren’t on TikTok”

TikTok started with mostly children, then teens, then millennials, and now Gen-X, and even BABY BOOMERS are on it. Even if you’re right, and most of your customers aren’t currently on TikTok. Give it a few months — I guarantee you they will be. And all the while, you can be securing the #1 position in your niche. So WHEN, and not IF, they join TikTok — you’ll be at the top.

Red X

—“TikTok is just for videos of kids dancing”

This would be true — if it was 2017… But in 2021? TikTok has some of the most diverse content out there. Content ranges from coaching/consultants giving advice, musicians promoting their music, comedians cracking jokes, teenagers posting memes, people just having fun, and much, MUCH more….

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—“I’m WAYY too old for TikTok”

Wrong. Wrong. And Wrong. This myth is really just a limiting mindset older people tend to have. And it keeps them from enjoying what TikTok has to offer. It’s like saying “I’m too old to enjoy ice cream”. It just doesn’t make sense...

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How much does it cost?

3-Month Trial



  • 5, 60-minute coaching calls/week
  • Initial content strategy
  • Monthly content reviews
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  • 5, 60-minute coaching calls/week
  • Initial content strategy
  • Bi-weekly content reviews
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  • 5, 60-minute coaching calls/week
  • Initial content strategy
  • Weekly content reviews
  • Conversion optimization
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