What We Do & Why We’re Different

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Raise awareness, build trust, and get results. We’ll help you launch a hilarious — yet effective influencer marketing campaign that your target market will LOVE.

We’ll help you:

1 - Create high & long-lasting ROI

Spend $1 and make $6 back. Not only does influencer marketing have an extremely high ROI. But on platforms that show content long after it's been posted, the ROI can be never-ending.

2 - Raise awareness & build excitement

Raise awareness and get people excited for your promotions. We’ll help you develop an influencer marketing strategy, that’ll make your audience DIE laughing. So they’ll look forward to hearing from you!

3 - Overcome advertising blindness

Want Gen-Z to pay more attention to your marketing? Then give us a reason to! We’ll help you use Gen-Z’s humor to keep people engaged and smiling. So they don’t tune out, or skip over your promotions.

4 - Build trust quicker & easier

Did you know laughter makes your brain release a “Trust Molecule”? Combine that with the trust influencers already have with their audience, and you’ll be more trusted than Ellen DeGeneres — BEFORE — the allegations.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build trust and reach Gen-Z where they stay the most. We’ll give you the inside scoop on Gen-Z’s favorite trends, and help you adapt your content to those trends. So you get your marketing message across, and they get entertained!

We’ll help you:

1 - Boost awareness & stay top of mind

If you want to stay at the top of Gen-Z’s mind — social media is the best way to do that. We’ll help you create a social media strategy that’s so funny — Gen-Z will spread it around like wildfire.

2 - Build strong brand loyalty

Create an army of die-hard supporters. We’ll help you speak to the core of Gen-Z by using their absurd sense of humor. So they’ll love your brand more than life itself.

3 - Boost engagement & improve performance

Funny content gets the most engagement no matter the platform. We’ll help you understand and leverage Gen-Z’s humor, so your social media will perform better than ever.

4 - Become unforgettable to Gen-Z

Gen-Z remembers memes better than the IRS remembers who has unclaimed income. We’ll help you become unforgettable and stay at the top of Gen-Z’s mind by becoming a meme.

Gen-Z Consulting

Gen-Z Consulting

Discover Gen-Z insights that’ll take your business to the next level. We’ll help you understand Gen-Z from both a cultural AND marketing perspective. So you know exactly how to appeal to us.

We’ll help you:

1 - Use Gen-Z’s humor to go viral

Ever notice 99.3% of viral videos are funny? It’s no coincidence — FUNNY = VIRAL. We’ll help you better understand, and leverage Gen-Z’s humor. So you can go viral and create insane brand awareness.

2 - Establish influence & win over Gen-Z

Want to win over Gen-Z? MAKE US LAUGH! We’ll help you establish a strong influence and win over the hearts of Gen-Z with humor. We’ll help you understand what makes Gen-Z laugh, what doesn’t, and how not to look like a boomer.

3 - Stay on top of new & popular trends

Trends are born and killed faster than Macaulay Culkin’s acting career. If you want to leverage and stay on top of new and popular trends — WHILE THEY’RE TRENDING. You need someone on the inside. And that’s exactly who we are.

4 - Understand what Gen-Z’s ACTUALLY thinking

Don’t take this the wrong way — but you probably don’t understand Gen-Z. And neither does your niece and definitely not a paid focus group. If you TRULY want to understand Gen-Z, you need to talk to a Gen-Zer who understands marketing. And once again — THAT’S WHO WE ARE!