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Boring marketing gets ignored — funny marketing gets shared.

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Gen-Z loves jokes… NOT ads

Gen-Z is REALLY good at ignoring ads. Skipping them is literally muscle memory for us. That’s why if you want to boost conversions and maximize your marketing ROI — you need to make your marketing entertaining. And comedy is the best way to do that.

No Boring Ads

Funny marketing can help you—

Maximize ROI

Spend less and make more with Funny Marketing. By making your ads ENTERTAINING instead of annoying... You’ll have Gen-Z exploding with excitement to watch them. Instead of instantly skipping or tuning them out.

Maximize ROI

Beat advertising blindness

Most ads are ignored — because they look like ads! By making your ads look and feel like normal, entertaining content... You beat Gen-Z’s impulse to instantly scroll past. And instead, watch it, and even share it with their friends.

Ad Blindness

Build strong trust

Did you know laughter releases oxytocin — A.K.A THE ❤ LOVE ❤ HORMONE!? If you want Gen-Z to trust and fall in love with your brand... All you gotta do is make them laugh! And we can help you do just that.

Build Trust

Demand Gen-Z’s attention

No one paid attention to the boring teacher… But the funny teacher? EVERYONE listened to them. And the same goes for your marketing. If your marketing is boring and annoying — Gen-Z’s gonna ignore it and even start to resent it. Luckily, Funny Marketing fixes that!

Demand Attention

Raise more awareness

Funny content gets the most engagement... Period. If you want Gen-Z to engage and spread your marketing like wildfire… You need to loosen up — and start cracking some jokes. And we’re pretty good at that!

Raise Awareness

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is broken — but you can fix it! We’ll help you find and work with the funniest influencers around — so your promotions feel and look just like the rest of their hilarious content. So instead of getting ignored — your ads are enjoyed!

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Social Media Marketing

Reach Gen-Z on their favorite social media platforms. We’ll work with you to create effective social media campaigns that get Gen-Z excited and not annoyed... So you can make MORE and spend LESS.

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Gen-Z Consulting

Uncover Gen-Z insights that’ll blow your mind. We’ll give you our insider knowledge. And help you understand Gen-Z from both a consumer and marketing perspective. So you can craft the perfect strategy to appeal to us.

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